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self guided Alaska Brown Bear hunts



Alaska’s Top Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts  Cold Bay-Izembek Refuge-Unimak

Cold Bay Alaska in known for some of the biggest bears and one of the highest concentrations in all of Alaska. Our latest survey shows over 140 brown bears in a 30 mile radius of the Town of Cold Bay.  With the 20 some Salmon streams in the area offering an endless supply of food combined with mild winters and prime denning habitat.  This makes up the perfect brown bear habitat. Brown Bear  hunting is open to the public in all of Unit 9c-9d-9e for all Alaskan residents along with non residents that have to be guided by a registered guide. unguided DIY trips.  Although we recommend that you hunt very conservatively as in the past some other hunters and guides have taken advantage of the liberal limits for Ptarmigan and have over hunted them very badly. We as sportsmen would ask any of our friends and guest’s to please only hunt them on a limited basis so that the populations can rebound  for the future. Willow Ptarmigan along with a few Rock ptarmigan inhabit the coldbay and surrounding areas.  During the late fall there feathers change color for modeled brown and white to almost all white this helps them hide from predators such as the Arctic foxes, Wolves and Eagles.

Peninsula Brown Bear hunting Cold Bay Alaska
Peninsula Brown Bear hunting