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Serious Duck hunters  Choose Cold Bay Adventures Lodge.

Alaska Duck Hunting Cold Bay

Alaska Duck Hunting Cold Bay Mathew Willey – US Military Contractor

Best Alaska Duck Hunting Mathew Wiley
Ashur Tolliver Dive Bomb Decoys

“Waterfowl Industry Professionals from Dive Bomb Decoys Choose Cold Bay Adventures Lodge & Outfitters.

“Our trip to Cold Bay adventures lodge was a trip of a lifetime, Charlie and his staff are true professional waterfowl guides, and they know how to treat guest’s. And are truly in the top 1%  of the guides in the country doing what they do in one of the most challenging weather and water conditions. Our group of 6 Hunters total harvested 5 Banded Brant in Early Oct along with Emperor Geese. Cacklers,Pintails and Aleutian Teal, some true dream birds.  The lodge staff was great with the ladies preparing the food doing a great job with with some top notch meals.   The lifetime of memories  and friendships really set this Alaska Waterfowl hunt apart from any other Hunts we have taken and filmed so far. ”

Ashur Tolliver , Dive Bomb 

Top Professional Outfitters from around the world Choose Cold Bay Adventures Lodge

Chris Kirby hunter

Chris Kirby Alaska Duck hunter

Capt Chris & Shelby Kirby – Destin Offshore Charters

Josh & Misty Alaska duck hunting

“Our Returning Guest’s Tell The Story For Cold Bay Adventures Lodge & Outfitters ”

“Charlie and his staff are all amazing waterfowl guides, and they work harder than any other guides in Cold Bay to get you on your dream birds. Me and my wife have harvested Pacific Eiders, Harlequin, long tails, Banded Brant all the Scoters, Longtails and King Eiders along with many puddle ducks and geese on our 3 trips to Alaska.   The memories are and friendships are well worth the trip. Charlie and his staff will always have our  highest respect as he truly never sleeps just works hard. As he truly loves the guests getting their Dream birds more than any other guide we have ever been with.

Josh & Misty James , WA


“The owners and staff have a combined 45 years in the Alaskan outdoor industry guiding, flying and planning every kind of trip available from the Aleutians to the Arctic circle.  Full of passion  knowledge, there dedication helped numerous Tv shows film complete shows. They also ran the largest  2 month private Yact based wildlife Photography and fly fishing expedition ever done in Alaska a few years ago with great success.  

” This was the trip of a lifetime and I can’t think of a better person to choose if you want the best Alaskan vacation available at a fair price.  Our family  spent 2 months traveling around Alaska by Yact, Helicopter, Hiking, boat and Bushplane with them, we can’t thank everyone enough for the first class service you offered for our friends and family the Coldbay area was a highlight of the trip I’m not sure if it was the whale watching , Salmon fishing or the flyout to see the Walrus.” Thank You again I highly recommend  the Coldbay Area. The work and planning by the owners and  Staff was incredible.

Mr & Mrs Myers –  New Zealand

walrus tours, alaska peninsula


“The staff took great care of us from day 1, They rented us a great truck so we could explore the area and go hunting and fishing, We had great fishing the lodge and meals were 1st class and then they set up a trip for me to go on a guided Emperor Goose hunt as a resident I had a permit. Everything went great and I can’t thank Charlie my guide and the staff for a wonderful experience in Coldbay. Its refreshing to see AK residents taking care of other residents and offering a great trip at a reasonable price. This was a great value compared to  the other guides and lodges in Coldbay.  “Oct 2017”    I would highly recommend coldbay as a vacation destination.

Vinnie B – Fairbanks,AK 


This was my 3rd trip to Coldbay, But the biggest and longest. I have been planning   Coldbay for many years and after receiving my Emperor permit this year I was determined to do it right .  After allot of research and planning we chose the best company in Coldbay as they are the only full service co that has the equipment ,lodge and experience to help me with such a big DIY  trip, with meticulous planning and great support I was able to harvest a Trophy Brown Bear, Shoot an Emperor Goose, Go brant hunting, Seaduck hunting and catch More Salmon than I ever have in Coldbay.  It’s a trip I’ll never forget!  Charlie and the staff gave me a %100 service and attention and the results show what experience and dedication will do putting all the odds in your favor.  Thank You and I can’t recommend any one better. 

Ron Peterson  –  Anchorage, AK  

“Being apart of someone’s first holds a special place in my heart as a waterfowler. Sharing knowledge on something we’ve mastered is what this sport is all about. The memories of those 21 days will be cherished for life as well as the friendships and bonds that were made.”  Capt Charlie

Emperor Goose hunt
Coldbay brant hunting

Eric Bakken “Founder of the fallen Outdoors Nonprofit Veterans Organization”

“Captain Charlie and the staff of Coldbay Adventures are without a doubt the most serious and experienced big water Waterfowler that I’ve ever had the privilege of hunting with. Whether it’s hunting layout boats on Kinzaroff lagoon for Brant, or  hunting Pacific Eiders and Harlequin 15 miles in the ocean we always felt safe and secure.  I can’t thank him enough for how he treats our veterans and guest’s its an honor to call him a friend and have hunted with him. The food and planning that goes into each day was meticulous and hard work, Thanks again for all you do and your commitment to success.

Eric Bakken –  Retired USARMY – Founder Fallen Outdoors Nonprofit 

“Charlie is a True Guide’s Guide”

It very rare that a  Guide or lodge will have all the experience & skills that they claim, and they produce what they sell, but after hunting with Charlie on 3 separate occasions in the most remote areas of Alaska, he has proved to us why he is one of the best and most experienced in the Business and why he gets it done and keeps his word. Truly when only the best will Do choose these guys as you will not be disappointed as they always have fun and keep you safe.  And 30 years as full time lodge owners and outfitters with a %100 safety record doesn’t hurt either. The atmosphere the lodge staff is always fun and no whining allowed.

Mark Claybough-Knoxvlle, TN


Pacific Eider Hunting COldbay Alaska
Pacific Brant hunting with Coldbau adventures
Outfitter of the year

Dan Wennerlind  “Founder UWC Ultimate Waterfowl  Challenge”

Sincerely DAN WENNERLIND  Founder UWC – Mineapolis, Minn