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Aleutian Teal


Cold Bay Adventures Mission Statement

Perfection is rarely achieved with most things in life, including waterfowl hunting and fishing. At ColdBay Adventures we will strive for perfection as or guest’s are treated like family and deserve nothing but the best. While in our care average isn’t a mark to be hit. As  fellow sportsmen we have been on hunts that left more to be desired. With CBA that is not gonna be the case. and if you want reassurance take a look at our Success page and read what our past guest’s and business associates have to say about us. And if that does not convince you I will be more than glad to get you some references to personally call.   It is our mission to make sure no luxury or amount of hard work and preparation is spared to fulfill your dream trip.

You can set your mind to ease as we carefully plan each trip meticulously.  As a well seasoned, passionate waterfowl hunter and successful fisherman and wildlife photographer  we can guarantee you one thing,

“Honesty and hard work = Perfection this is our  goal on each and every adventure we plan we will not cut corners on Safety, High Quality Equipment or Ethics”