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 Cold Bay Adventures Lodge Packages-Guided & Unguided

Emperor Goose hunting

3D Emperor Hunt

$199500per person
  • 3n/3d fully guided and outfitted Alaskan resident Trophy Emperor Goose,Brant Puddleduck/ hunt, all meals,lodging and airport transfers 2022 only.
Izembek Brant hunting

7D Coldbay Cast -Blast Sat-Fri

$$450000per person
  • 7d/6n fully guided and outfitted Cast N Blast Brant, Puddleducks, Canada Geese, Silver Salmon,Char fishing. All meals,lodging and airport transfers .
Trophy Seaduck hunts Alaska

7D Trophy Sea duck Hunt Sat-Sat

$560000per person
  • 7n/8d fully guided and outfitted Trophy Seaduck hunting, Pacific Eider,Brant,Harlequin,Scoters,Longtails,Goldeneye,Puddleducks.
Cheap Harlequin hunts


$199500per person
  • 3day guided hunts/3n lodging, fully guided and outfitted Brant,Harlequin,Puddleduck,Ptarmigan hunt, all meals,lodging and airport transfers 2022
self guided brant hunt

7d/6n-Self Guided/ Cast-Blast

$290000per person
  • Self guided Cast N Blast 6n/7d lodging and meals, decoys, vehicles. Brant,Cacklers,Ptarmigan, Puddleduck and fishing
Cold Bay Charters

7D/6N Deluxe Fishing Package Sat-Fri

$450000per person
  • Deluxe Fishing Trip Fully guided Salmon/Halibut/Cod fishing/ lodging, with 2 Charters or Volcano bay trip all meals,lodging and airport transfers 2022 only.
brown bear photography

5d Wildlife Photography Tours

$290000per person
  • 5d guided hunts/5n lodging, fully guided and outfitted wildlife photography, Shore birds, Wild flowers, Waterfowl,Eagles,Brown bears , Wolves, marine Life
Aleutian Halibut charters

7d/6n Deluxe Charter Fishing - Volcano Bay Salmon Outcamp

$490000per person
  • 6n lodging, 7d fully guided and outfitted Halibut Fishing Charters, Salmon fishing at Coldbay Adv Lodge and Overnight trip to Volcano Bay Lodge
self guided Brown Bear Hunt

8d Self Guided Brown Bear Hunt

$450000per person