Coldbay hunting alaska

HUNTING NIRVANA ” Fully Licensed and permitted in  Izembek State game refuge and Izembek Wildlife refuge”

Cold Bay Outfitters Salmon Fishing & Waterfowl Hunting

 3-7 day self guided —— $1295 – $2995pp

3-7 day Guided ———–$1995- $4500pp

7 day  Nov-Dec Trophy Sea Duck’s — $5600pp

Cold Bay is considered the true Alaskan Nirvana for diehard Waterfowl hunters.  Hunters travel from all over the world to experience this magical Tidal lagoon ecosystem. With this being the staging area to the worlds population of Pacific Black brant and recently upto 45,000 are wintering in Coldbay. Then theres all the Dark Geese including Tavernor,Cackler and Aleutian Geese along with The rebounding population of Emperor Geese that opens back up for sport hunting in 2017.  If that isn’t enough than puddle ducks and divers abound and during the late October migration, Seaducks start showing up to include Harlequin, Scoters, Pacific Eiders and a few Eurasian Vagrants.  We call it the Perfect Waterfowl Storm. If your ready to experience the perfect waterfowl storm Give Coldbay Outfitters a call and let Capt Tony Smith make your waterfowl dreams come true.

Waterfowl Perfection all in one Place