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Trophy Black brant hunting


As our experience speaks volumes, our success is largely attributed to our relentless dedication and perseverence to become close with our guest’s.  With Alaska Adventure blood running through our veins, and the anticipation of the next mornings adventure.  A vacation with Coldbay Adventures will ensure success because he will have multiple game plans and equipment at our disposal to help you  chase that trophy of a lifetime. Theres not a species of fish or game in Alaska that we have not hunted,fished or photographed .


  1. We are a success driven service company ,your success is what drives ours.

2. Some people go to college for a business degree and can talk a big story, We have gotten our PHD from 33 years as one of the most Successful Outfitters in Alaska.  

3. CBA will be your personal concierge & host  for the week.

4. 33 continuous, “hunt till your waders fall apart seasons” experience under my belt.

5. Scouting is rudimentary when it comes to success. I will have scouting complete before you arrive and have a plan A, B, C, and D lined up. Hunting the same spot near the parking lot day after day is not my idea of being successful and giving 150%.

6. This isn’t, nor will it ever be a  get them in and out company  Spending hard earned money, trust and faith isn’t taken lightly with us,  You will have our undivided attention and every avenue at my disposal to assure you a successful trip.

7. If it’s legal shooting  hours, we will be out hunting no matter the conditions. There is always a way to produce birds.

Emperor goose hunting coldbay
hunting camp food

Coldbay Adventures  vs the Competition

CBA doesn’t really have any Competitors in Cold Bay, as we are the only one shop stop for a full service wilderness vacation all in house.  From our world class lodging or meals, dependable vehicles, boats and motors and full line of decoys and fishing gear and full service VIP  concierge service for guided trips.  We work hard at what we do and outright offer better personal service.   There are a few other choices in Coldbay  that we recommend if our packages are not right for you as we are not the cheapest but we are the best. And when only the best overall value is what your looking for you should contact us.  If your looking for a $50 a day broken truck rental or $75  smelly bunkhouse to sleep in don’t bother with us. But if you are looking for great service, a clean safe room and dependable vehicle to drive so you can fulfill that dream trip to Coldbay give us a call. 

It’s an honor to be able to share this piece of Waterfowl and fishing Paradise with families, couples and hardcore sportsmen and women from all over the world thats why we do it.  As no one else is offering this kind of all inclusive DIY package . We are looking for guests that are driven by the same passion that we are for a great experience around great people without the drama. 


What We offer  #1.Unsurpassed Experience & Work Ethics  # 2.Safe modern equipment the best money can buy   #3.Hardwork/Dedication.   #4.layout boat hunting experience.   #5. A can do positive attitude  these combined = Success plain and simple, oh and I almost forg0t  #6. No drama or Egos getting in the way of having a good time as we treat everyone the same like family and will share our knowledge of the Area so you can get worldclasss results as a reasonable price.

Pacific Brant hunting with Coldbau adventures